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and BtoB

Dutch breakfast
and lunch

Dutch wooden clogs

Pastry and cakes

Dutch syrup waffles

Senseo coffee pods and HEMA coffee pods

Pickwick tea

Dutch liquore

Dutch licorice

Dutch cheese

Dutch sauces

Devos Lemmens

Typical Dutch PROMO




Buy 10, pay for 9

When you see on a page the logo 
"Buy 10 pay for 9" 
then you automatically get a free product 
if you have at least ten articles of the same 
coffee or tea brand ordered and will be calculated automatically 
on the PDF invoice you will received by e-mail

The product for  free, is the cheapest for FREE!


For Hotels, B&B, Campsites
and resellers
(and consumers)

Dutch breakfast and lunch
Portion packs

Pastry and cakes

packed separately

Dutch syrup waffles

packed separately

Coffee creamer sticks and cups

Tea sticks

Coffee sticks

Dutch licorice
small package

Dutch sauces

large package

Sauces sticks / sachets


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