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and BtoB

Dutch breakfast
and lunch

Dutch wooden clogs

Pastry and cakes

Dutch syrup waffles

Senseo coffee pods and HEMA coffee pods

Pickwick tea

Dutch liquore

Dutch licorice

Dutch cheese

Dutch sauces

Devos Lemmens


Food certification



Secret Caché, The Netherlands, is under the control and supervision of the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Authorities (Dutch FDA).

This means that Secret Caché and all its online shops will be under the Dutch and European Authorities’ strict control regime in relation to climate control, process management, hygiene, storage, organisation, the design of (business) premises, (order) processing, logistics and all other operations and processes throughout the entire process.

 The client, both the consumer, companies and re-sellers, as a customer is therefore guaranteed optimal (storage and order) processing and transport preparation of any orders.

Secret Caché has also been formally and officially certified to send/deliver “food” products worldwide.

Many of the national governments where customers are located demand an export certificate. This European NVWA certification allows Secret Caché to prepare its own export certificates/documents, which means there is no longer any barrier to customers, as it concerns a certified shipment, containing orders which can vary from a few kilos to EU pallets.

Plus ALL Secret Caché employees from the CBL (Central Bureau of Foods) have a current EU certificate and therefore satisfy the high food safety requirements which are set worldwide
by the National governments.

You, as the Consumer, Company or Re-seller, do not run any risk and you can rest assured the “Food” products you have purchased are under EU control and are supervised by the NVWA.

 E-mail:   info (at) TypicalDutch.eu  (prefer)
Phone : 0031 76 88 90 076



For Hotels, B&B, Campsites
and resellers
(and consumers)

Dutch breakfast and lunch
Portion packs

Pastry and cakes

packed separately

Dutch syrup waffles

packed separately

Coffee creamer sticks and cups

Tea sticks

Coffee sticks

Dutch licorice
small package

Dutch sauces

large package

Sauces sticks / sachets


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