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and BtoB

Dutch breakfast
and lunch

Dutch wooden clogs

Pastry and cakes

Dutch syrup waffles

Senseo coffee pods and HEMA coffee pods

Pickwick tea

Dutch liquore

Dutch licorice

Dutch cheese

Dutch sauces

Devos Lemmens


About us





"Typical-Dutch.eu " is part of the international mail order company Secret Caché since 1998. 

Secret Caché has been providing goods to consumers and businesses primarily in Europe

The Customer Service Secret Caché there fore has regular consultations with its customers and suppliers to supply to our clients and agree this good advice

Secret Caché obtains its products from large suppliers from the Netherlands and Belgium and all articles have a long shelf life.

Besides the sales office and warehouse, we are based in Breda (NL), near the logistics Hazeldonk transport hub on the border of the Netherlands and Belgium.

We can, regardless of the order, always in stock

Given the experience of European logistics partners have your order usually within a few days




For Hotels, B&B, Campsites
and resellers
(and consumers)

Dutch breakfast and lunch
Portion packs

Pastry and cakes

packed separately

Dutch syrup waffles

packed separately

Coffee creamer sticks and cups

Tea sticks

Coffee sticks

Dutch licorice
small package

Dutch sauces

large package

Sauces sticks / sachets


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